Web Page Download Speeds, SEO and Placing for Search Terms

Web Page Download Speeds, SEO and Placing for Search Terms


How quickly your site downloads into your web browser – the download speed – has always been related to the success (or not) of a website or a blog site. If your internet site takes an extended period of time to download, site visitors will give up waiting.


Individuals that browse on the internet tend to be not very patient. How they find your site might not be so relevant, but if it is extremely slow-moving, they will definitely not wait for it to download and install however fantastic it might be. If it is your major resource for bringing in new business, you might lose potential new customers.


Google has in fact specified that the download speed of a website is related to where your website is positioned on the search engine results and everybody wants to increase the speed at which their website or blog site loads. Now Google has made people aware of this, they are taking notice and doing something about it although it might be something they should have taken into consideration before now.


Google is like a website agent and it needs to provide the best search results to be the most effective in their field of knowledge, much like a lawyer or an accountant wants to be the best in their field.

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A financial accountant in Romford in Essex with a website full of information about end of year returns, VAT and self assessment would want their site to be near the top of the Google search engine results and to load quickly into an internet browser; your average accountant in Essex with a website taking 10 seconds to load is not likely to feature at the top of the Google results.


Historical facts


In 1999 Zona revealed that you can lose about one third of your website visitors if your web pages take more than 8 seconds to download.


In 2006 Akamai revealed that you could lose about one third of your website visitors if your web pages took more than 4 seconds to download through broadband.


In 2006 assessments at Google revealed that longer download times by just half a second triggered a 20% decrease in website traffic.


Website Download Speed Evaluations

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The following list consists of approaches for examining your web page download speeds:




Google Analytics Plugin from Yoast


Pagespeed Insights




The Basis of Slow Website Download and how to Speed up Sites


Hosting – You normally get simply what you pay for although some companies that offer to host your website could offer you wonderful servers with rapid downloading speeds at good prices.


Images – Substantial photos tend to make it longer to download websites. Try to make certain your photo size is as small as viable and also optimize them with a program like Smush.it.


Caching – A program for caching, like Rapid Ranker or W3TC, might decrease download rates by as much as 50%. If a site takes 6 seconds to download, you will shed virtually 80% of prospective customers as they will certainly not wait for your website to appear. If it takes simply 3 seconds they will definitely stay on your site and are more likely to visit other web pages on that particular website.


Practical factors to consider


If you have 2 websites of similar SEO value trying to compete for a search phrase and one of them downloads in 2 seconds and the other takes 4 seconds, the faster site will certainly give off positive consumer signals and the slower one will not. In terms of website promotion, the internet site that loads the quickest will definitely be positioned higher on the online search engines and the slower one will be lowered.

Download speeds additionally influence quality scores and a great website designer in Essex can help you to stay on the top page of the Google results with a good domain authority for your website. This will certainly influence the amount of internet site traffic and also subsequently, will certainly have influence on your company profits.