Keyword Difficulty – Discovering Feasible Keywords V Unrealistic Keywords

Keyword Difficulty – Discovering Feasible Keywords V Unrealistic Keywords

The ranking of sites on Google for any keyword depends on the worth of the inbound internet links. Yet in spite of how well your website has in fact been created, if the site at the top of the first page of Google for your target keywords have a greater web link value than your internet website, succeeding on Google is not likely to happen.

The most useful indicator of inbound net web link recognition to a web page is the Moz Page Authority and for a website it is the Moz Domain Authority. Total Page Authority (TPA) of a web page is the total of Page Authority and Domain Authority. The TPA of the site presently on the first page of Google’s search results for keywords is the best available screening procedure for keyword difficulty – the task of accomplishing top net website ranking.

Keyword SEO Pro certainly assesses keyword difficulty for keywords by establishing the typical TPA of the websites on the first page of Google for all the keywords.

ksp conveyancing

In the above assessment, the website in position 9 for ‘solicitors’ has a Page Authority 31 together with Domain Authority 72.

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The TPA is the indicator of keyword difficulty. Divorce solicitors Enfield and conveyancing solicitors London are both in the Blue Area — SME websites do not have much opportunity of contending for the high keyword difficulty expressions so keywords like family lawyers North London and divorce and separation or litigation solicitors in South London and comprehensive legal representation could be preferable.


A comparable analysis could be supplied for a company putting leaflets through letterboxes. Keywords like leaflet distributors London, flyer distribution Essex or leaflet printing Hampshire are more likely to be in the Green Area.

Keyword researcher studies making use of Keyword SEO Pro could be beneficial for website owners and Keyword SEO Pro is conveniently available as a keyword study tool.