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General Education and Medical Profession.

David went to Stopsley Junior School and Luton Grammar School. When the family relocated to London, he attended Hackney Downs School (previously the Grocer’s Company School). His life-long aspiration had been to be a clinician.

David qualified from University College Hospital, London. He has  held postgraduate posts at The Royal Postgraduate Teaching Hospital, Hammersmith, The Royal London Hospital, University College Hospital, and The Leicester Royal Infirmary. He became Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with special einterests in reproductive endocrinology and infertility and Honorary Senior Lecturer in the University of London. He retired from medicine in 2012.

His very early research interests focused on perinatal cerebral feature tracking, and this finished in a successful MD thesis from the University of London and the famous Blair-Bell Memorial Lecture at The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, opposite Regent’s Park.

David presented the theory that sub-clinical microorganisms could supply a possible explanation for numerous obstetric and gynaecological enigmas including unexplained infertility, persistent pregnancy loss, excessive uterine blood loss and blood pressure problems (preeclampsia) connected with maternity. Others have than recently come to a comparable conclusion for preeclampsia. There might be a partnership between miscarriage and bad obstetric issues. These conditions can be extremely stressful requiring the support of a counsellor.

His books include “Frequently Asked Questions On Women’s Health” and “Practical Guide to Reproductive Medicine” which he co-edited. Although mostly a medical obstetrician and gynaecologist, he enjoyed undergraduate and postgraduate training and research.

David Viniker was born and spent his developing years in Luton Bedfordshire. He lives with his wife in Loughton, Essex. His daughter and her family stay in Romford. He has family and friends in Edgware, Docklands, Woodford, St Albans and Hendon.


SEO Training Courses, The Internet and Websites.

In 1983, on sending his MD, David Viniker began an interest in computing and specifically its applications for medical students and patient education and learning . He was part of the group at Leicester thinking about moducles for the maternity unit. At Whipps Cross, he was the consultant expert for the group introducing the Patient Administration System; the Consultant for the group providing the theatre module. As a result of his know-how, he represented the specialists in Essex and some parts of London for the iregional maternity module.

There was reported proof from the 1960s that clients’ recall of information given to them at consultant visits was poor. He set about producing a collection of explanatory leaflets that were constantly updated and made use of by his partners.

In 1999, he set about producing a website based upon his brochures– www.2womenshealth.com. The web site became a leading source of on the internet details for people, physicians and pupils with above 2million website visitors every year. As an author, he explored precisely how web pages get to the top of Google. It became apparent that the authority of the websites and website were important. These authorities are most effectively represented by PageRank explained in one more of his websites. He has actually established a key words achievability strategy that simplifies keyword research. A computerized program utilizing this technique, KeywordSEOPRO, is accessible on registration. He has a particular interest in the use of websites for Internet marketing.


David and Simone love to travel and go to Heathrow airport to visit friends in the Carribean.

On retirement from medicine, David has used Internet marketing as a paid pastime. He is web designer for Migraine-Dyslexia – Simone’s website discussing her special passion in the therapy of Migraine and Dyslexia with client specific color tinted lenses. Sheryl, their daughter, similarly has her very own website hear-tlc.com for her profession as a counsellor. A supporting Internet site on behavior has been given. He enjoys meeting business enthusiasts and writes articles for them on topics ranging from training to be a solicitor to waste removal Londonn.

David has created several other internet sites. There is info on webdesign, the Internet and computers and a web site of general info . David and Simone enjoy Days Out Around London. They like boutique stores such as those found in Covent Gardenand strolling around the colleges in Cambridge.  He could be assessing SEO programs and he delights in assessing SEO software. There are Internet sites on the history of London, Optics and advertising Media, individuals and attributes and amusement, theater and films.

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