4 Grounds for saying that Content Marketing and Local SEO Fit Well Together

4 Grounds for saying that Content Marketing and Local SEO Fit Well Together

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is helpful for optimizing web pages on an internet site so that the website is positioned near the top of the Google results pages and people will discover your site easily when they are searching for your target keyword phrases.

Local SEO is a way of optimizing internet sites for local outcomes – if your business is based in London, a local SEO method could focus on a specific area in London so that a potential client looking for your services can find your website quickly if it is at the top of the Google results.

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An expert in SEO for solicitors might advise a firm of expert divorce solicitors in Enfield to target keywords like divorce and separation Enfield, family lawyers Cheshunt or family law advice in North London rather than a more generally used key phrase like family solicitors in London to help promote them to the top of Google.


Content marketing is a technique for creating useful content that can be developed to try and get prospective customers to take a look at your internet site.

Whilst both strategies are frequently reviewed individually, content marketing and local SEO techniques do go together. Below are 4 reasons why they might go together:

  1. Produce a Blog site

Producing a blog website is a great idea for content marketing and many firms that have a good online presence will write blogs regularly. Specialists in SEO in Essex could claim that a blog site is your ‘trump card’, nevertheless, while developing a blog website can be an outstanding strategy to make the most of an internet site in your area with regard to the online search engines and it can also offer site visitors remarkable content to read, the results from having a blog website could take a while to accomplish, so blogging requires a strong commitment.

  1. Social networking

If your company does not make use of social networking as a means of linking up with your target market as well as generating new consumers, you are losing a substantial SEO advantage: social network sites are required for creating a trademark name in addition to enhancing a local SEO strategy. It forms part of your digital impact. You do not need to be constantly upgrading details on social media, however, sending regular tweets or updates could assist to boost your company and also its presence online.

  1. Images and Video clips



Content is not just comprised of text; content is everything on your website. Photographs as well as videos are 2 of the most important forms of material, yet they both get overlooked by businesses. Images as well as video clips produce a substantial target audience when title tags and alt tags are improved with excellent keyword expressions with a local focus and both can boost internet online search engine positions. The alt tags should define the subject you are blogging about for pictures and if you are blogging about a particular area, you can have a picture of that area.

  1. Boost Online Reviews

If you want to concentrate on regional SEO, you need to be expanding online evaluations along with offering your customers impressive bargains. Urge customers to leave reviews about your business or your products on your website. The more recommendations you have, the higher your business will be placed on the search engine results for your products in your location.

In an article in January 2015, Jason Demers in Forbes Magazine stated that the biggest problem with local SEO is variations. Demers explains that he’s not defining differences in an article or in the branding; merely the variants that could arise from local SEO like your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP).

Google in addition to the other online search engines utilize a firm’s NAP to locate your company, which will help the online search engines to discover you when your services are looked for. When there are differences in the NAP, your position on search engines may drop. Hence, you ought to undergo a review of your content and after that make certain that your contact details coincide throughout your website.

In summary, developing a blog site is an essential aspect of content marketing and a lot of firms that have a broad internet visibility will blog frequently. Your blog site could be called your ace for regional SEO. If your business isn’t actually making the most of social media sites as a means of contacting your target market, you are missing an essential SEO benefit; social networks can be necessary for creating a brand in addition to enhancing a regional SEO effort. Content is not just written text; content is anything that’s generated, sent out or released concerning a company. If you focus on regional SEO, you ought to be boosting reviews in addition to offering your clients some outstanding bargains.